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We take great pride in assisting our partner’s businesses in delivering top quality produce in respectable timeframes. Our customers include fresh produce wholesalers and traders, retail food chains, restaurant chains, charities, and more
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Our Vision & Mission


Continuous improvement


Creativity and innovation


Efficient and effective use of resources


Honesty and integrity




Client focus



We are keen on phases from planting to harvesting, cooling, storage, packaging conditions as well as about transport under controlled atmosphere with conventional or refrigerated containers. The results of our researches are in return passed to our grower partners who work in close relationship and transparency with our team and they can check the conditions of their deliveries at any time

We are focusing quality and success of business relationship

We have been providing best quality products and export all over the worlds. Our commitment to quality, supply and innovation is backed up by our international procurement team. Saras fresh provides specialized services which can be tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Saras fresh’s purpose-built facilities are designed to maximize supply chain efficiencies. Our production teams are trained to deliver professional customer service and high-quality standards.

Saras fresh has Global relationships around the world with suppliers dedicated to meeting our customers’ requirements.  Our database of knowledge and contacts allows us to maintain consistent supply for our customers year-round.

Saras fresh is one of the Retailers, importers, wholesalers and distributors for all exotic fruits and vegetables in india.
SARAS FRESH is unique in having its own dedicated staff and facilities to inspect and load mixed shipments of produce. for airfreight and sea freight shipments

The values of our company underpin our decision-making and drive our business operations. These values portray the spirit in which we strive toward achieving our vision and mission.